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Rosette in HOO - 2019 - 19h on 2 panels

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I've been very fortunate lately and had more than a week of consecutive clear nights. Since the first of them had the moon around, I started recording some Ha and ended recording OIII for the Rosette nebula.

This year I used an AstroProfessional 102/714 FPL51 ED reduced at 0.8x. I bought this scope mostly for visual as it came at a decent price and I couldn't find somewhere close a used SkyWatcher 120ED.

I thought of putting the camera on it and the results were good in narrowband.

For this image I shot 2 panels, 5.5h Ha and 4h OIII for each panel.

I made 2 starless images for each channel, I combined them then I added back the stars.

A full resolution 6410x4586 image + the starless components can be found on astrobin here: https://www.astrobin.com/ral6gn/


Now back to cloudy nights, but there's so much left to process :)

Clear skies and thanks for watching!


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Thank you Adam and Tom!

For the starless versions I used the Starnet plugin in PixInsight. You can either generate a starless mask or a star mask. Any subtracted from the original image results in the other one. I generated starless images, used the healing tool in GIMP to remove the remaining large star traces, removed the starless images from the original images, removed the non-star traces from the star masks and then removed the final star masks from the original images. This has to be done on the stretched images.

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Thank you very much!

It is similar to that one indeed, Dave, except the coloured stars. I might shoot some colour one day some nights. I do have some real RGB, but at a much lower resolution so it's not really worthy to combine them.

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