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Walking on the Moon

my first web cam pic


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OK here is my first attempt with my atik 1c II that I bought recently from Star Flyer. It's basically a modded phillips webcam, not that it matters for this picture. I'm totally green with this and followed the excellent tutorial on getting started and on registax too. I know it's not as good as you seasoned folk but I'm happy that I've got a result on my first outing. So any pointers on how to improve are welcomed. I can see I'm going to have a lot of fun with this.


(click to enlarge)

maybe someone can help me out with this.


There you go Dave (image added) :D

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That's better than I was getting from my 20th attempt! It's very good.

Here are some pointers that I have found useful.

1) Focus - Try getting it 'bang on', not 'almost bang on'. It really makes a difference to the finished picture. An electric focusser really helps with this.

2) Exposure - Don't over expose. Stacking in Registax can result in highlights getting overblown. Try to underexpose the highlights a bit.

3) Sharpening - only sharpen detail. Set wavelet filter to Gaussian and only sharpen the 1:1 layer, leave the rest at 0 or even a minus number.

Tony Gondola's excellent articles on processing techniques are a real boon (http://www.digital-flight.com/thebigeye/essays.htm), as is Martin Mobberley's Book on Lunar and Planetary Webcam Imaging (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Planetary-Webcam-Patrick-Practical-Astronomy/dp/1846281970).

I hope this helps and persevere, you have made a superb start.

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Thanks Michael

I was pleased with an encouraging start. I was trying not to overexpose but I must admit that I did fiddle with the wavelets and probably overdid them, I'll try again with your settings. I did find that focussing was quite tricky.

I was going to ask about book suggestions as I was lucky enough to win a £50 book voucher in the raffle at the Kelling star party. This one looks to be what I need.

Just need some more space bewteen the clouds


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