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18 hours ago, joe aguiar said:

is it Algonquin provincal park? if so its HUUUGE biggest one in provence. surface area is 7,653 km big

a lot people camp there as well school and scouts altho its rough nature meaning like back packing. Its also only available 6 months a year.

its a black zone or some call bortle zone1 but not so easy to get to.

my trailer is about 45 min drive south of there from the bottom tip, and it takes me 3 hrs to get to my place for probally 4.5 hrs from Toronto. Altho im in a grey zone which is only 1 zone less.\ and 3 hrs is more then enough to tavel if I juet go for a 2days.


Actually, as I was looking at a light pollution map, I'll probably go ahead and camp on Brockway Mountain. It has no light pollution so it'll be great!


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17 hours ago, Raph-in-the-sky said:

Finding a place nearby, even if not so great is a good idea. I have 2 different spots. One is 35min away from home and the other one is 1h away... sadly I live in Belgium where light pollution is everywhere and those sites are bortle 5 and 4 respectively.

I'm gonna try to go to Champagne in neighbouring France which is 3h away and has some bortle 2/3 spots ... I might have a drink or two while I'm there 😉 

Bortle 5? Well I hope you have fun in France where it has less light pollution!

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17 hours ago, joe aguiar said:

35 min depending where u live in city wont even get u out of the city. you will still be in the white zone . if your on the edge of the city u may get to red zone in 35 min but that's if you can get to a safe spot with no lights or cars zomming by, so u cant just go off the road.

the closest I used to do was a 90 min one way to a park called fork on the credit but iam pretty sure that's on the edge od red/orange so its not the big of a difference and again that's only open 6 months a year from spring to fall. so doing that in summer is not reall doable since it get dark only by 1030pm even if u stay till 1230 then pack u may get home at 230am and if you work like most people up at 6am its not doable unless its fri or sat night AND if its clear.

even the provences biggest star party (starfest) is the edge  a yellow altho very close to green which kinda sucks for our biggest star party. You would think it be in a ble zone or grey zone. That's y I stopped going after year 2000 wasn't worth the 2 hr drive.


As I said before i'll probably go ahead and camp on Brockway mountain! But thank you for your suggestions!

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18 hours ago, johninderby said:

Algonquin park onLy has one proper road running through it. Or did last time I camped there. There are plenty of fairly civilised accessable places near the road though.

OK Thank you!

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