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PST arrived

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Due to an unexpected deal for a 2nd hand bargain refractor (thanks again beamish) I was able to divert my Xmas present funds (and my overtime money) towards a PST. I got the new PST, Solar shield and hard case for about £428 delivered from Pulsar Optical. I had not dealt with them before and after I had ordered I noticed a few bad reviews from last year about their partner Scopes n Skies and I was a bit worried ! Still I have to say it turned up in a week (ok as the postage was free) and looks perfect so thanks Pulsar. The only problem is getting a clear day when I am off, as I go to work too early and return to late for observing the Sun. The point is the fragile filters apparently need checking to make sure they work OK before I send the warranty to Coronado or I am not covered. Has anybody had a problem with a new PST ? What should I look for, the objective looks pristine but without the Sun a full test is impossible. Any tips for using the PST ? I have a cheap zoom 8-24 and a Baader Ortho of 6mm, a cheap 10mm MA and the PST eyepiece which I hope will do for starters. I realise its Solar minimum but thought the poor pound to dollar rate might force the PST price up and as the light pollution near me is quite bad I thought I would bite the bullet and try Solar observing. Any advice greatfully received.



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Welcome to the solar Club!!!

Unfortunately if you're like the rest of us, once you get "hooked" you'll want bigger and bigger solar scopes!!!!!

The PST is a great starting point, you just have to look at Jan Timmermans web site to see some excellent solar images taken with a PST and webcam.

Hold off sending the warranty until you've used it on the Sun. As long as you have the original purchase receipt, the five year warrenty still holds good.

The current model with the blue onbjective doesn't suffer the same "rust" problems as the early ones, so you should be OK.

Check that the etalon can be tuned by turning the rubber knurled ring a few times; should be smooth and easy; same for the small focussing knob.

I found the best views were with a 10mm Plossl.

First time out you may be disappointed... it takes a couple of goes to train the eye to see the surface granulations and a bit of fiddle with the tuner to get the best prominence views, but once you've mastered the basics I'm sure you'll find it very, very exciting.


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