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Bresser 10x50 at Lidls from 15/12

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Hi all,

Just looked at the lidl specials on their website from Monday 15 december and they're selling the Bresser 10x50 binos for £12.70. Very good value for the money in my opinion. You may have to check that if they are on offer in your area because I think that the specials vary from region to region.


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picked up some 70mm bins/bk7 (not perfect granted) for £12..

three sets so far, I have one as a quick grab n go, and my dad & father in law are getting some for xmas too. Optically when you rack the zoom out, they are quite respectable. Not in the Celestron/Meade class, but for £12, you cannot complain.

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The Bressers are great, but check the collimation before you buy as the quality control is variable, and we ended up with a duff pair, which took a while to get sorted.

Optically, they are really close to my Optolyth 10x50's which I paid £300 for way back in '89.

In fact, I sometimes wonder if the difference I think I see is down to how much I paid :D



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i can give you a rough evaluation of the bressers performance compared to several other binoculars with a rating from 1 to 10.

a cheap plastic toy would rate a 1 and top line swaro's would rate 10

below are binoculars i'v owned recently, i'v had a lot more though.

most carboot fodder £1 up to around £10 rates between 1 and 2 with the odd rare 5 popping up

meade bresser 10x50's £12 = 4

celestron skymaster £79 15x70 =4

russian bpc5 8x30 £20 =4.5

russian bpc2 12x45 £40 =4

vintage "harmony" japanese made 7x50's £25 =5

vintage nippon kaguru jb7 7x50's £15 =5.5

old model hawke frontier 10x42 £110 reduced from £189 =5

helios apollo 15x70 =7.5

opticron "imagic" BGA SE 8x42 £360 = 8.5

i' would now rate anything under 7 as undesirable personally but that just me

stars appear quite sharp in the bressers center fov but drops off badly towards the edge they have a nice wide aparent fov as well but when i look with my opticron 8x42's the differance is obvious with stars appearing a lot tighter in the centre field and further out also the bressers give a slight yellow cast to the image in daylight use they are also not true 50mm and have a real appiture of 40mm due to undersized prisms and prism apitures making them effectively 10x40's....still a good buy if you can find a good pair. collimation is likely to slip if they arnt looked after though

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