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Mike JW

The Alpine Valley and how I did it

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My current push on lunar sketching continued last night. This time I wanted to have a go at the Lunar Alpine Valley. I have often observed it but never sketched it because it is hard to pick out details. I had to race against the fast approaching cloud to make a quick outline. I have not got the scale correct - the valley needs to be longer........needs a revisit.

In a previous posting I was asked how I do these sketches so below the completed sketch is a pictorial guide. Feel free to ask questions but I am no expert.  Mike

The Lunar Alpine Valley


Here's how I did it.


Eyepiece notes and outline                                                    Re draw and do shadows in ink                                       Next do shading with 4B pencil

Notes.jpg.69d462510d21e9e86ff73703b12c6842.jpg   701351499_Doingshadows.jpg.64d8112c0facd3eb17716b926fbb0b6d.jpg              Shading.jpg.f4afc48e0480f4119180e9d7df096ff9.jpg


Use a blending stump to smooth the shading                   Initial blending completed                                                  Add dark areas and blend

Blending.jpg.2464293279ba1aa244348572a122d67c.jpg       683210042_Initialblendingcompleted.jpg.02a1de45518cb0c808d34206c53c90c1.jpg                585951049_Addingdarkareasandblend.jpg.0538eb666e2e53f84c1210c3f69a9129.jpg


Adding details to the valley                               Pencil marks to indicate rough ground, enhancing white           More rough ground added, more 4B added/blended

1136843508_Addingdetailtothevalleyetc.jpg.7c60d5955a81a2deeb4eaf00be40df56.jpg    111061336_Moredetailswhitegelpenblend.jpg.d994c1bc08323bd887a661356bc04367.jpg                      376036965_moreroughgroudaddedfinalraisedareasstilltodo.jpg.35764d9d33dd8fd2e81d0232495581e9.jpg


Finally I check each area, making sure the tones are correct, that the black transitions to a dark grey, enhance any mountain tops with the white gel pen, make sure the blending goes neatly to the crater, mountain, feature - any gaps are picked up by the eye.


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Thanks for posting, that is very interesting to see how that was done. Much more sophisticated than my approach and much better results!

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That's brilliant, Mike and thank you for going through this :thumbright: Next month when the Moon returns for viewing, I think I will give it a go and post up results.

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