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Hi Everyone,

While we all know that there are plenty of hubs out there in the market like Hitec Astro Hub and Pegasus Astro Hubs for providing 12VDC and USB comm link for good cable management, I am a DIY person with little to no experience in electronics. I do know how to solder reasonably well. 

I am looking to see if someone here could help me with a circuit diagram for a hub that gives has 5x12VDC output, 3x5VDC output and 4xUSB powered hub for communication. I would then go out, purchase all components and build one for myself.

This is only so that I don't have too many cables dangling off of my mount and becoming a constant trip hazard.

TIA guys.


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    • By sulaco
      Thinking of getting the Asiair pro whenever they come back into stock but wondered about the voltage output for dslr, it states that it’s12v but would that not need to be stepped down to 7.5v for dslr. 
      im wondering if the Pegasus power box micro with Stellarmate might be a better option as the dedicated power box is controllable. 
      I tried Ekos a couple of years back and had nothing but problems but tried again last night and was amazed at how slick it was, best guiding and first time plate-solvingwas effortless. 
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      I've been contemplating making a portable power box so I can take my mount to a dark site, a friend gave me an old lorry battery that no longer turns the engine over but will hold some charge. My intention was to get a nice enclosure and build something that looked professional like a few other members have created on here, unfortunately spare time is limited so I went for a simpler solution and created the following and it works very well.

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      I've been trying out astrophotography from home, where 220V socket is available with unlimited power.
      I want to be taking my setup to the field next year, but I'm wondering how to power all the devices.
      Current setup:
      The mount (10micron GM1000) needs 24V@3A (peak 4A). To get 24V@3A I need 12V@6A DSLR that can run from batteries, and I have lots of spare batteries on standby Raspberry Pi to control the devices, 5V@3A, equivalent to 12V@1.25A Dew Heater that I've just got, but never used, needs 12V@1A I'm considering some upgrades in the near future:
      An autofocuser, 12V. Power requirements should be minimal. Replace DSLR with a cooled camera, 12V. I don't know what I'll get, but top models need 3A. Don't know how much of it is used by cooling, and how much is used by the sensor. Questions:
      Is it safe to power the mount from a DC hub? My mount's manual says "Please don’t use unregulated power supplies because the output voltage of these units is not good enough to operate the mount.". I didn't find anything that says the warranty is void if not using the pre-approved power supplies. If I don't want to power the mount from the DC hub, how can I power the mount and the DC hub from the same battery? I saw these funny devices on Aliexpress but don't know if they are any good: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32911966417.html What kind of batteries do you use to provide multiple Amperes to all the equipment all night long? Mount needs 6A (at 12V), cooled CMOS camera needs 3A, dew heater needs 1A, Pi needs 1.25A. That's 11.25A at 12V, which is 135W of power. The battery must be huge. I saw discussions of various DC hubs here:
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      I want to build a multi voltage power supply to run scope, cameras, usb hub etc each device having different power requirements
      I have done some searching round the internet and come up with the following circuit, can anyone provide any advice as to whether it is an OK design or have I got it completely round my neck (Wont be the first time) I have a 24Volt 10A regulated power supply and was looking to use this as the input.
      I am sure I am not the only person to want to do this, are there designs out there, I dont want to reinvent the wheel
      Any advice greatly appreciated

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      I have been attempting to update my SynScan V3 Hand Controller from V3.08 to latest version. Handset bootloader is V1.7.
      Unfortunately I just get the message “Can not connect to SynScan hand control”. I have looked at numerous forums and tried everything that has been suggested (including older versions of firmware installer), but getting nowhere.
      I am using a Skywatcher SynScan USB Adapter (purchased from Bristol Cameras) and installed the driver from the Skywatcher website. The adapter shows in the COM ports and says it is working properly.
      I have tried different computers (Win10 and XP) with no joy.
      Can anyone help, or is there anyone in North Aberdeenshire that has successfully updated their handset willing to give mine a go (once travel restrictions, etc ease)?
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