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Help with Astrotortilla

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I've installed the latest version...
What I'm trying to achieve is to solve an image from my hard drive (previously captured from my eFinder)
The Configuration site states:

If you want to solve images on disk and store the annotated images from astrometry.net solver, remove the --no-plots -N none options and set the work_directory in the configuration file to a temporary directory. Using the FileOpenCamera module you can annotate existing stacked images and the results are stored in solving order under the work directory.

I can't seem to find the work_directory in the astrotorilla.cfg??????
Also, where is the FileOpenCamera module?????

So far, it seems to find the selected GOTO image from the computer, and indicates that it has solved the image....BUT no CWS image found????
Any Astrotorilla users out there who can help.

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Hello ken,

You are then searching a way to open an IMAGE from your HD, and ASTROTORTILLA should then solve it ? that is called then "Goto image tool

Please check the ATROTORTILLA USER GUIDE, file:///C:/Users/a023835/Downloads/AstroTortilla_user_guide.pdf and under the chapter 4.3 Tools menu and then 4.3.1 Goto image tool

you will find the answer.

Good luck



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Yes, been through all the guides, and some other pages...

The issue was to end up with a WCS indexed image - I can then open this under CdC and check not only the plate solving but look for other interesting objects in the FOV.

I seem to have found the solution!

You need to add a "Work_directory = C:\temp" (or similar) to the config file. After solving the image, AT produces a series of files (in the nominated "temp" directory...)
None of these are fits files - like the WCS calibrated image obtained from Astrometry.net.
The answer is to use the "finder".new file and rename it to a .fits.
This is then recognised by CdC and can be displayed......


change file type.JPG

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Thank you ken, and happy that you did find the solution..

All the best



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