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Much cheaper night vision astronomy option

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1 hour ago, PeterW said:

People quite like the eyeball to eyepiece experience, which this gives, though with less of “what am I looking at ". 

Perhaps, yet consider that usually I can ascertain and evaluate what I am visually perceiving through the eyeball to eyepiece experience as you put it. NV enhancement is interesting as an emerging and contrasting form of observing, yet ought not undermine eyepiece, photon gathering approach. 

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Hello, I am the seller of these 2nd hand NV mentionned by @GavStar Please note this is my 1st message on StargazersLounge but i'm on Cloudynights since 2008 and also on French forums...becau

A french company has just launched a night vision monocular specifically for astronomer users. Link attached. https://oculaire-vision-nocturne.jimdo.com/english/shop/ In addition to the usua

No. I think NV is great but it's just not how I like to do astronomy. No wires, no tech, just me, the scope, a case of eyepieces, a star chart and a dark sky and I'll do the best I can with that.

Posted Images

These pictures might just help give a better idea of what these devices look and feel like. The eye lens - and the user experience - is very similar to those of traditional eyepieces, though there are no blackouts or kidney beaning with NV. In this respect they’d be great for outreach - the entire view is clear and immediately accessible to the observer. The only control used during a normal session is the ‘gain’ - the black control pictured - to provide the desired level of detail and brightness. Heightwise - it’s similar to a TV 55mm plossl, though a fair degree lighter. It should be stressed that NV is useless for planetary, lunar, double stars and not particularly effective on reflection nebulae. It mostly requires very low magnifications - so you need a big telescope to really appreciate small galaxies and planetary nebulae. It thrives on fast systems - which is why my main NV scope is F/3.3, but Gavin has been getting some awesome (and I use the word as it is meant to be used) images with his C11. A big, fast Dobson under black skies with night vision must be absolutely incredible - but even with a small, medium-slow refractor from the city it works impressively. However, it does have its limits. It can’t beat a nice refractor for star sharpness, and it can’t pick up colours. 





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I am the seller of these 2nd hand NV mentionned by @GavStar

Please note this is my 1st message on StargazersLounge but i'm on Cloudynights since 2008 and also on French forums...because i'm French.

Few more details about the previous comments i read, please note the used tubes are checked and work perfectly. Only the best are chosen, lighting strong and cleaned. I am an astronomer and i do not keep tubes that do not match those criterias. Also do not forget after 10000hours tubes keep working but they can loose a bit of light. They can work up to 20000 hours (=2 hours each night during 26 years !!!!) Monoculars in which tubes are inserted are new (or in excellent conditions)...and modified to be used in a telescope. Sold with 6 months warranty for 2nd hand.

But our main product is the OVNI-M, a NV Monocular with GEN3+ thinfilm fully made for astronomy so you can use it in prime and not only in afocal. It has new tube of very high performance (equal to American brand L3) and and can be exported worldwide.

Don't want to be out of the Code of Conduct for Vendors so for any questions, please contact me in private message.

And if you come to Bordeaux in south west of France, I will be pleased to let you test the OVNI-M and the 2nd hand NVD.

Thank you,


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On 05/10/2019 at 23:33, JamesF said:

I've found the mere setting up of a telescope in the middle of a field at night to be quite effective at finding badgers.  It's amazing how quiet they can be when they're creeping up on you, too.


James you either have terrible hearing or well trained 'Stealth Badgers' your way.
Our Badgers are so loud in approach you know they are on the move 5 minutes before they arrive.

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For non Astro use Sionyx have released a cheaper version of their Aurora, probably about £400. Reckoned to be sort of gen2 level, so for moderately light polluted areas should work well, though not for the most dark (Astro) situations. 


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