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COMPLETED - Astronomik UHC-E Eos Clip Filter £62 incl P+P SOLD


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This is suitable for APS-C Eos cameras.

Website says:

The UHC-E Filter increases contrast of emission nebulae and comets and blocks the light of typical streetlights as well as airglow. It is best suited for telescopes up to 5" / 125mm.

Main use

The Astronomik UHC-E filter provides a FWHM of 45nm and blocks the light of typical streetlights (e.g. sodium and mercury vapour) as well as airglow. Thus it increases contrast between your target and the night sky. The contrast enhancement is less than that of the Astronomik UHC filter, but at the same time the transmitted amount of starlight is greater. It's therefore better suited to smaller telescopes. As the UHC-E filter passes a spectral line of Carbon (due to the higher FWHM) it opens up the possibility of comet observation.

Other uses

  • Observation of Jupiter’s clouds.
  • Easier resolution of Double Stars.
  • Photography under light-polluted skies with DSLRs and other cameras.

I am not using this anymore. It is unmarked and includes the original case. I will send by 1st class signed for post included in the price.

Paypal only with fees paid or friends transfer.

I took the attached image of the Wizard Nebulae using this as an example.






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