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Ben the Ignorant

How much can I ask for that?

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Now that I have a low-dispersion 10x50 I'm selling my 10x50 achro locally (and on this forum if I find no takers locally). It's the well-known armored binoc that sells under various brands, Orion Resolux, Oberwerk Ultra, etc, TS Marine in this case.


It's complete with case, straps, cleaning rag, front and rear caps and proof of purchase, nothing is damaged, only the tripod adapter is absent because it serves as a stop to limit the motion of the tube in a dob I built. The rubber knob proved ideal for this.



Front lenses have no scratches, no dirt, no fungus or whatnot.



Same for rear lenses. Eyecups sometimes have a ring of tiny cracks when they are folded down often but I don't wear glasses so they are intact.



It's been cleaned and kept in storage since I decided to sell it, overall condition is very good, especially the case which is exactly like brand new. It looks greyish-black on the pictures because of unnatural lighting but it's really dark foliage green. Not sure how much to ask so I'm polling collective knowledge here; I paid 230€ for it in 2012, how much would be a fair price?

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It's fairly standard to ask between 50-75% of new depending on how scarce or in demand what you are selling and how quickly you want to sell. 

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75% would be too much for a 7-years old achromatic but 50% is 115€ and I was thinking around 120€. The reasoning was based on what I read in a french-speaking forum, they usually say 60% for used stuff. That would be 138€ but shipping will cost about a dozen euros so 125€ would be fair. But the adapter is not there so 120€ feels okay. The thing is not scarse or in high demand (that I know of, am I right or misinformed?). So a little over 50% seems right. Everybody agrees?

I still have a little doubt arising from the very good condition of the case and binoc.

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Just advertise for what they are worth to you and/or someone else. The latter will eventually determine the success or otherwise of the sale.

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