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Flame and HH using unmodded 300D!


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Decided to get my other scope back from my brothers today.

About 6 months ago I bought a 6" F5 Skywatcher newt from FLO. Then bought a second hand R&P focuser from the 8" Newt (which was the 2" version).

Had to grind out the hole, re-drill holes... it was harder than I expected. Then I realised that the focuser didn't allow enough inward travel for the 300D.

So I had a 2" Adapter re-worked and had over an inch taken off in length. Again had to drill and re-tap the wholes for the thumb screws...

Tonight was the first time that I connected the mount to the camera. I am pleased to say that the camera comes to focus. I also think that it does a good job.

There is a little fuzzyness towards the extremities - but that is fairly usual for a newt and large ship. Might have to invest in a MPCC (I think it's called).

Anyway, this image was taken with a 300D unmodded, with 2" LPR filter at prime focus on the Newt.

Guided with a DMK21 on the ED80, set up side by side.

15 x 5 minute subs, with 5 x 5 minute darks. Usual set-up for me. Guided using PHDGuiding (pulse guiding using serial lead to handset). DSR Shutter controlling the 300D.

The first images is my set-up all connected up and the second one is the end result. Could do with more subs I think. But considering I wasn't even attempting to get the HH - I'm damn pleased!

Got some dust bunnies - need to get camera cleaned :D


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)


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You know what - I have no idea what's next!

I think that galaxies, must be next - need to find targets suitable for the FOV that I have...

Cheers john, maybe my next step is to learn how to process my images properly...

Going to go off and have a read of the processing primers..

Cheers Guys


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The moon was a way away last night Rog, there was a lot of moisture in the air last night - it was hovering just above freezing even at midnight. So I think that didn't help.

What I need is a good LPR filter. 5, 8 and 10 minute subs are beyond the abilities of the ones that I have.


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