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A few from Saturday before the dew won


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A perfectly clear night at last, managed a few images before the dew got the better of everything.

All unguided, all approx 45-60 seconds, and 30 images each.

Getting the hang of it, can't wait to get guiding.

Thanks for looking.



(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)

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Trudie, these images are just great. I am no expert, but guiding is going to to give your imaging a whole new dimension, but what you achieve in the meantime is remarkable. You are doing a great job. Anyway, were you not freezing last night? I was, and all I did was take the dog for a walk. :D

Ron. :hello2:

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Well done on those images Trudie, i think we can safely say you have cracked it now ,as you say guiding will whizz you up the ladder a long way, .your processing seems to be doing fine , my Fav is the Double cluster, will show u how to reduce the overexposed part of M42,

At our local meeting in Ipswich.

Rog :D

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