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Hungary 🇭🇺 Skies

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I am on a work related visit to the outskirts of Gyor in Hungary and one useful thing I noticed earlier in the daytime is that there are very few street lamps and even fewer main roads 😀 As a result I had been hoping all day long that it would be clear tonight, and as luck would have it clear is an understatement. 

For reference Cassiopeia is directly above my head and we all know what streaks through Cassiopeia... yes you got it, it’s the Milky Way. I can hardly believe what I am seeing with the unaided eyes, it is just such an awesome sight.

In fact there are so many stars and smudges I was having trouble identifying very obvious targets such as Vega, Altair, the Plough and even Cassiopeia for a while. The sky is completely covered in diamonds and there are so many that I know very few of them. 

I can only sit here and imagine what looking at them through the scope would be like 🔭

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1 minute ago, estwing said:

Enjoy mate.....nights like that are rare. 

Cheers Calvin..... they sure are 😀 I think I will be coming here on holiday with the scope at some point in the near future 😀

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Good idea about the holiday in Hungary. It's a lovely country and I have nothing but fond memories. The best Goulash ever!!! My wife needs to travel to Bratislava a few times a year (catches a taxi from Vienna) and she too has mentioned the quality of skies around that area. Might be worth a visit to the local flea market to see if you can pick up an old, cheap pair of Soviet Binos to use while away? When I was last in Hungary I made sure to pick up a couple of small memorabilia (coin, stamps, 'medals') about the old Soviet Soyuz missions 😀

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13 hours ago, alan potts said:

It's like that for me most nights .


It’s  looking good again tonight Alan 😀 I am going to sit back in one of the lounger chairs and just stare 👁

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