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COMPLETED - *Sold* Starlight Xpress USB mini filter wheel inc. OAG Now only £150

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Starlight Xpress USB mini filter wheel including Off Axis Guiding. Now only £150

This is a great little filter wheel, ideal for compact set-ups:

  • Starlight Xpress Mini Filter Wheel with integrated Off-Axis Guide prism

  • The wheel is USB controlled and powered

  • 5 x 1.25" filter positions

  • OAG is designed to be close to par-focal with most SX cameras

  • The SX Lodestar, SuperStar or Costar guide cameras (not included) are fully compatible

  • T-thread front and rear - there is currently a M56 adapter fitted for direct connection to the SW 0.85x reducer/flattener, and original T2 adapter included

  • Manufacturers spec. And detailed dimensions available from Starlight Xpress

  • RRP at FLO is £280


Collection from Nottingham, or DHL for £10 (based on UK delivery)

1 (1).jpg

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Price reduced
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    • By arkosg
      Hello everyone,
      After a bit of a hiatus, I was able to get out again and enjoy new moon/clear skies from a slightly less light-polluted viewing location. ?
      For those who have seen my past posts, I'm still using StarLight Live 3.3 with a SX Trius 694 camera, now with SX filter wheel.  I alternate between using an 8" SCT and various Borg refractors - these shots are with a 5" Borg, with exposures < 30 s.  The combination works well, overall, and SLL controls the filter wheel which makes jumping between L,R,G,B and Halpha filters really easy and fun!  The only major issues I have are that (on my Mac) SLL seems unable to run the Trius in anything other than 2x2 binning.  I haven't been able to get a PC to test whether this is only a Mac related issue, though others have apparently been able to use this camera in all the various binning modes via SLL windows.  I also have focus/framing problems if exposure time is set to 1s (camera drops out and SLL freezes up).  To facilitate not having to refocus, everything was shot through either an L filter, R+G+B filters, or Halpha filter (all Astronomik 1.25", in a single filter wheel).  It generally worked really well, but occasionally I would switch colour filters to do a composite and SLL would stop stacking and I've had to start my colour composite from the start again.  But a fantastic feature of SLL!
      Enjoy the shots - these (and others not posted) were all taken over a few hours time in the early morning.  I love how much - and how quickly! - you can view with EAA!
      Greg A

    • By 1CM69
      im after a SX USB Filter Wheel with the 5x2” carousel. 
      Ideally with SCT input & T2 output but not an issue.
      Also after a SX OAG the one with variable focus.
      No longer required as just purchased kit from FLO
    • By kbrown
      I bought an Opticstar 2" Manual Filter Wheel and the plan is to stick an arduino controlled stepper motor on the wheel perimeter to turn it. Magnets and hall effect switches will be used to keep track of the position and which filter is active. The mechanical design is done using the open source apps LibreCAD and FreeCAD. G-code for my CNC mill is produced using HeeksCAD and the mill itself is controlled by LinuxCNC. Electronic design is done using the awesome KiCad which recently has had a massive boost by the propeller heads at CERN.
      The mechanics is almost done. Still need to etch the PCB and put it together before the real fun begins writing the firmware
      Clear skies,

    • By kz1bob
      Hi All,
      New challenge I am running into. When I add a filter wheel on my Bresser AR102s I run out of travel when trying to focus in. I have removed all the extensions and still can't focus in. Am I out of luck or is there something I can do? I am reading up on Focal Extenders am I heading down the right path?
      Thanks for your help.
    • By astrosathya
      I have a QHY9 mono CCD and a CFW2 wheel. I tried using nebulosity V3 to control the rig, but soon realized I needed a script to run the wheel. Would someone please know how to obtain one?
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