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Evening. I’ve recently bought this scope and putting a kit together for Astro pics. I would also like at times to have a look at things too and not just take pics. I’m new to all this. So after some advice. What eye piece/s would you suggest? 


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I won’t recommend brand names cause many others here can suggest name brands but i might mention sizes . That particular scope should handle high power pretty easy . I would suggest anything from 18mm and up with the use of a good 2x or more barlow . I have a Stellarvue AT1010 (80mm) i use at times with Celestron Ultimas that are discontinued now but i have 18mm, 10mm and 7.5mm  used along with a 2x Ultima barlow which all give great views ! Can’t remember the eye relief size but they are very comfortable . I wear glasses but when scoping i take them off for best views . Good luck finding some good EPs’ , i know many here will suggest some very good brands and sizes . 

I might add i also use a Celestron 32mm Plossi with the 2x barlow and it gives great views also ! 

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Anything that says or spells out T e l e V u e... :icon_salut:


My TeleVue eyepices are...

  • 13mm, 11mm & 8mm Plossl
  • 13mm Nagler / Type 1 & Type 6
  • 3-6mm Nagler zoom
  • 6mm Radian


I have and use these other banded e/p's as well...

  • Meade 26mm & 20mm Plossl
  • Meade 8.8mm UWA (series 4000)
  • SkyWatcher Apex 28mm
  • Circle-T 12.5mm & 6mm Ortho
  • Fullerscopes 6mm Ortho (0.965" with 1.25" adaptor)


...and these unbranded e/p's, (via AstroBoot)...

  • 18mm WA 
  • 7-21mm zoom 

Most are used with a TeleVue Ranger, Celestron C6 & 're-modded' Meade ETX105.



note: exclude the TV Ranger/SW Apex combination... 

...the TV Ranger only accepts 1.25" e/p's & accessories and the SW Apex is 2" 

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There are many good options. It all depends on what you are looking for. How much would you like to spend? How much eye relief you want/need? Do you observe with glasses? Do you prefer a zoom or single focal length eyepieces. How wide of a field do you want?

I would start with getting 2" diagonal if it doesn't come with one, 2" Wide filed eyepiece in the 30-40mm range, a zoom eyepiece and a quality 2x barlow. That will get you covered from low to high power until you figure out what your preferences are and have a better ideas what eyepieces will suit you best. 

If you buy used you can swap later at minimal loss.

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I agree televue do make a great quality eyepiece.

Just depends on your budget and if you want wide field. 

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