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My M31 on the Redcat 51


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    • By tompato
      So it took me a little bit of time to get everything setup, accessories plugged in and the mount polar aligned (turns out the Skyguider Pro polar scope is not particularly spectacle wearing friendly in terms of eye relief) but I got there. I then point it up at Cygnus to see what I could capture.

      I was using the Samyang 85mm f1.4 AS IF on my Canon 600D. I forgot to focus my first shot, but I think my focus was okay after that. Some of my frames were good, some did have a small amount of trailing. I did 30 x 60s of Cygnus (at least I think it was, I think I can see some nebula of some description in the top right) at f4 and then I tried 30 x 60s of M31 Andromeda at f5.6 as well. I've also never done any image processing before so downloaded GIMP and did some basic curves and levels with that, and a star map on Cygnus, but that's about it. I stacked them both with 20 dark frames and 20 bias frames in DSS.
      Attached are both images. Andromeda was quite low and over light pollution so there's quite a pronounced glow that made image processing tricky. Overall I'm happy woth my first attempts, but I realise I could improve tracking, take longer and defintely more frames next time and also probably not be lazy and do more darks and some flats next time around.

    • By jeffmar
      These are a few of the photos I have done over the last 18 months or so. I have gone through some different equipment and I have
      learned a lot about astrophotography in the last few years. No matter how much better my images get I always think I can do better
      If I tweak something here and there. I would guess I am not the only one who goes through that process
    • By Gonzo
      I'm just wondering if anyone has seen the following or heard of such issue please?
      The focuser has gone all of the sudden super stiff and some very thin plastic paper came out of it, and sadly the more you turn the more is coming out...
      I've contacted @FLO about this as I bought the scope from them just last month and the Redcat has never been used outdoor (bad weather and not enough time for it). It is a very bizarre issue, I'm puzzled as to what this plastic could be or the function of it. I have kept that bit of paper which I will include in the return box.

    • By XavierL
      Hi all,
      I received my RedCat 51 a few weeks ago (from FLO) and had first light this weekend. After initial post-processing it seems there might be an issue with the scope (possibly the tilt?). 
      Here are one of the RAW files, the initial post-processed stack and a few measurements using CCDInspector:
      Single exposure RAW:

      Processed stack:

      Curvature analysis:

      3D Map:

      What do you guys think? Should I contact FLO? Return it? Attempt adjusting the tilt myself?
      Thanks in advance.
      My target was the North America Nebula (NGC7000)
      Equipment used: Redcat 51, Optolong L-Pro 2", M48-to-F-Mount ring adapter, Nikon D5300
      Settings: 180sec subs, ISO 1000, 50 lights, 17 darks, 16 flats, 16 bias
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