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Hi guys..

Kinda struggling with getting my data to produce anything worthwhile. I am only doing 30sec exposures (until i get new kit over xmas) but got 34 shots of 30 secs at iso 800. Have read the posts about dss, but still got ready really crappy results, this shot is the 30 raw shots stacked in ps:


this is DSS export of the same files to fts format:


really at a loss as to how to bring the image out.. have played with levels and curves in ps.. but this only results in the above. Have upped the dss autosave.tif from dss to UKA here if someone wants to have a squiz at it... http://ukastronomers.com/lavey666uk/action/download_files/fileid/86

Is there any tuts for DSS/DSLR raw stuff... ?

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I am not really any good with processing, but here is a quick 2 minute play.


By azzzza

This was just a bit of levels and curves.

Then gradient exterminator.

Then Noels Actions (noise removal).

You definitely need to take flats, this will combat that circular gradient.

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