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Skywatcher EQ6 AZ and PHD.

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I've been trying to connect my laptop running PHD directly to my new Skywatcher EQ6 AZ via USB for some time now without success. I don't want to connect through the handset.

The Lynx USB EQ direct cable, which came included with the mount, works fine if i use the synscan windows app on the laptop via the serial connection option. I don't use the wifi option. 

I have downloaded and installed the latest Ascom version and the latest version of Eqmod V2.09

I open the Ascom telescope chooser, select "Skywatcher", open "properties", click on the com port drop down box and find it blank.

I have tried to just type in the com port number, but know from experience that if port number options aren't offered then the software isn't seeing any.

If i go to the win 10 device manager i can clearly see COM4 is the FTDI chip and that it is working properly, as also confirmed by the synscan app.

I assume it must be the driver, so I download and run the Ascom Skywatcher wizard to install driver version 6.06262.15273, but i still don't get offered any com ports in the Ascom drop down box.

I have also tried the common prolific driver.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you've installed the full EQMod system (https://sourceforge.net/projects/eq-mod/files/EQASCOM/   v200q), then one of the applications available is the EQAscom Toolbox, i.e. 


Clicking on "Driver Setup" will show the configuration page as per the image above. 

If you then click on "Ascom Connect" and you've selected the correct COM port, you should then get:


If not working you'll get a "No Connection" error.....

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