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COMPLETED - FOUND 1.25" guide camera

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Looking for a guide camera (CCD or CMOS) with a 1.25" barrel size that could slide into my guidescope focuser.
To reach focus with my guidescope the guidecam imaging chip will need to be positioned inside the 1.25" focuser so the camera will need to be inserted almost all the way inside the focuser hence the need for a 1.25" body. Examples of compatible cameras are QHY5 series, Lodestar guide cameras, ZWO ASI 120 mini.
This is my guider and roughly how much the camera needs to be inserted into the focuser to reach focus

Any make and model considered.

Thanks for looking

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camera found
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1 minute ago, tooth_dr said:

There is a DFK21 for sale on here that would probably do if it’s cheap enough?

Thanks for replying, but I updated the Ad with more information. I have seen that DMK21 and I also have a DMK41, but these can not be inserted into a 1.25" focuser enough to reach focus with my guidescope.

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43 minutes ago, Merlin66 said:


I use a DMK41 in my flip guider on the C11, and a DMK51 on my 60mm efinder.


I see, I've attached an image to my original post of my 60mm modified guidescope to better illustrate where the guidecam imaging chip needs to be.

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20 minutes ago, Merlin66 said:


The flip mirror fitted to your guider restricts the options........the DMK would certainly not fit this application.


Yes, that's exactly it. A mate of mine found someone selling a QHY5L-IIC which is perfect and am currently communicating with the seller. If this materialises then I'm sorted.

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2 hours ago, Nikolas74 said:

Hello i am selling this one if it's good for you :




Hi Nikolas,

I appreciate you taking the time to reply, but unfortunately the price is a bit out of my range and what I'm willing to spend on this since it'll only be used for polar alignment using SharpCap.

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