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Tentative enquiry (imaging)...

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I personally don't think that the EQ3 is enough of a mount for that job.

If you are gonna go down the digi imaging road what do you have to lose

by trying it with the EQ3 before you go to the expence of a new mount.?

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After the EQ3 has been re greased and opimised i think it's up for the Job Steve, i have seen many a fanastic image taken with the Mount and small refractor on the Net in the past so i can't see any problems myself..


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Depends how good "Your" Polar alignment is!!!! :lol:

The problem you have is that most digi slr's are heavy so it may be a bit unstable and wobbly!!!!

I shall have to try it next time and let you know Steve.

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The Mount will take it easy Greg, one thing that would be an advamtage is another counter weight on there for beter balance..

Polar alignment needs to be near perfect really for any LG exposures.

James :lol:

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I think you shoud be fine with that, my first attempts at D-SLR astroimaging were with a ST80 refractor on an EQ1-driven mount !, and I was allways delighted with them, I polar aligned as best as I could through the scope with a 6mm eyepiece, then attached the camera to the scope and rebalanced it then took my images (use mirror lockup and a remote release if possible), my little EQ1 was good for 45sec exposures on a regular basis (sometimes longer). Will dig out some of my old images for you to see if you like.



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