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Out from 3.38 am to 5.30 am.  Seeing very poor at first, but improved, and my best pic was the last I took, my 257th of the morning taken at 5.17 am!!  I struggled with exposure and seeing this morning but I was lucky, it was my 5th clear morning in a row, and the 7th in 9 days.

120ED, Olympus E-M5 Mk11, 1/80 sec at 800 asa, AZ4 mount.  One single frame with crops taken from it.   Visually, it looked better than my photos of course.

Crops include:   Schickard, Wargentin and Nasymth

                          Oenopides, Babbage, Pythagoras and Anaximander

                          Aristarchus and Aristarchus to the W limb.



1391716997_P8272453AristarchustoWlimb.jpg.ddb417e1b9bcbe047c87c0adf100441f.jpg   1220434461_P8272453Aristarchus.jpg.a9de2677b96dc4bed94f05e5ce6a67de.jpg







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Very nice.  Clearly the seeing was pretty good at the time.

Much as I would have liked to give the sky more time to clear last night so I could do some lunar imaging myself, the necessities of work dictated otherwise :(


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wow.. they very good paul , i wont have chance to use mine for another week as i am down in the south of France, which is why i am pondering to much on  gear.. i came down on the train so only have my binos with me. the focuser is the skywatcher ds which rotates 360' tbh its not much of a upgrade and i should have kept the old one. many thanks again for the photos and info.


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John, many thanks.  I was just curious about the focuser, I too find mine fine.  It also wouldn't matter if it rotated or not, as I use altaz mounts the focuser is always in the same orientation anyway.  The focuser would have to be just about unusable before I'd even consider buying one - especially as a decent new one would cost around 50% of what I paid for the whole telescope used with the finder, diagonal and case! 

Enjoy the rest of your holiday John.

Regards, Paul

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10 minutes ago, Mark at Beaufort said:

Brilliant Paul - its great to observe the Moon in the morning at the end of its cycle.

Many thanks Mark that's very kind of you.  I agree with you in that I also find observing the Moon particularly enjoyable in the early hours post full.  I often have a local Tawny Owl or two to keep me company which nest locally which makes it even nicer and the occasional hedgehog.

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