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    • By Gregio_becchii
      Anyone in the South Yorkshire area willing to meet and share info and teach me more.  I’m currently using binoculars in my garden watching ISS’s, starlings, meteor showers etc etc. And want to learn and see more
      thanks Greg..
    • By damienh
      Hi folks, 

      I am after a Skywatcher 130PDS. I am based in Cornwall and given the current government restrictions, wouldn't be able to travel far, so ideally id be looking to pay for postage. Happy to discuss price via PM.

      Apologies if I have missed out any information on this post. I am new. 

    • By SStanford
      Hi all,
      I'm looking at acquiring my first goto mount and have decided on the Sky-Watcher EQ5 PRO Go-To.  Stock seems to be low everywhere at the moment so I'm keeping my eyes peeled.
      I have a few questions regarding alignment.
      Although I will be taking the mount "out-and-about" I will mostly be using the EQ5 on my balcony at home; this will make alignment with polaris impossible.  I'm relived to see the EQ5 allowas bright star alignment (with the scope beginning at north) which is great for the location.
      My question is; am I able to choose which bright stars the mount will align with? for example, if the mount asks me to confirm the position of a star I cant see at all from the balcony, can I choose stars that are visible from my side of the building?
      I'm very new to astrophotography and would like to be prepared before splashing out!
    • By Luminated
      Thinking of getting:
      Can it be configured somehow  to work with an EQ5 mount?
      (using for visual only)
      Appreciate any advice!
    • By Adumbleton
      Wanted: Celestron Nightscape 8300 CCD camera to replace a faulty unit.
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