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Quick view of the moon at 7am this morning, as it’s been too cloudy since my 150p arrived earlier this week. Getting happier with my setup now, more of what I envisaged a few months ago when I purchased the mount & Mak. There is quite a lot of overlap with the two scopes, but using the Mak a lot for Bino viewing & enjoying it. A few bits of tweaking with the 150p ( flocking, RACI, RDF, motor focuser & cooling fan) over the coming months are planned. Looking forward to the darker nights, but not the cold 😂


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It's good when a plan comes together. Compact looking setup. 

Regards Andrew 

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32 minutes ago, Sky-searcher said:

more of what I envisaged a few months ago

Hahahaha 😂

How do you find the Giant Alt Az mount? Smooth?

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1 minute ago, heliumstar said:

Hahahaha 😂

How do you find the Giant Alt Az mount? Smooth?

It’s really smooth, but you do have to balance the scopes carefully as not great resistance on the alt az adjusters. The movements are butter smooth though, would recommend at its price if you want a T mount. Thanks Andy.

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    • By hennyvenom
      Hello everyone, I've got a question.
      I want to upgrade the visual back on the Mak 127. The standard back on the Mak is not pleasant to work with as seen in the image. I need to get rid of this plastic thing. I purchased a mak to sct adapter when I bought the scope, I never got around to doing anything until now as I've just acquired a Baader 2.25x barlow as shown in the image.
      Now, I've had a go of attaching the the Baader Barlow into the original plastic thing on the mak, it works .... but I'm not happy with the connection being made with the two locking screws, as there is still movement when the barlow, t-ring and Canon DSLR are all in the train.
      I've been having a look on FLO for some work around, does anyone have some input as to whether this will work.
      Mak to sct adapter-> Baader 2 inch to 1.25 reducer adapter->Baader 2.25x barlow + T ring & DSLR
      Any input or a better way of securing everything is greatly appreciated!😊

      Another option I've come across is this , Baader ClickLock 2"-1.25" Adapter  and Baader T2 Extension Tube to bring it to 40mm when attached to the mak to sct adapter. Anyone have any experience with this? 
    • By AdeKing
      After re-entering this hobby about four years ago, I've successfully acquired more gear than I have sold on whilst I worked out what I liked.
      I've now worked out that my Fracs get used most often and so I have a couple of Newts and a Mak to get rid of.
      1) - Skywatcher 150P / 750mm - £90 + P&P - SOLD
      In good condition, some minor scratching to the external paintwork which was on it when I got it used, and normal marks to the dovetail but nothing that affects the views.  Optically the mirrors are excellent and the primary was cleaned and centre spotted with a CatsEye reflective Hotspot to make collimation easier last year.  OTA and focuser draw tube have been fully flocked and the secondary mirror adjusters have been replaced with thumbscrews to make adjustment easier.
      Comes complete with tube rings, vixen dovetail, 1.25" and 2" adaptors for the focuser.
      I need to get some packaging together as I don't have the original packaging but it will be securely packed for sending via courier, or alternatively can be collected from Poole in Dorset.
      P&P will be £15 for Parcelforce 48hr or £20 via Parcelforce 24hr.
      Payment via PayPal Friends or add 4% to normal PayPal to cover fees please.
      Photos of the items below.  I've tried to upload these in the same order as above.  If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
      PM me if you are interested.

    • By saiph
      Hi guys.
      Recently I had the opportunity to restart my hobby with a short astro-imaging test run in the back yard - a nice quiet little playground actually, near the place where I live.
      My setup consists of an eq mount (AVX), a dslr (EOS 550D), and either a classical M42 manual focus photo lens (anywhere from a Takumar 35 to a Tair3S 300mm, sometimes aided by a 1.5x or a 2x TC), or an ED refractor (C80) most of the time reduced with a 0.8x FF/FR. Since the area where my observing spot is falls within a +5 NELM around Zenith, I always use a LP filter (IDAS LPS P2 2", or Optolong CLS 1.25") for better results.
      Unfortunately my mount isn't PEC'ed yet, but I'm quite confident that i'll soon be able to achieve this goal, as it is rather imperative if I am to get any useful >120s subs. Guiding is not my main objective, as I do not have all the possibilities to do that - technically, logistically, financially... etc.
      A couple of nights ago I went for a test run with a rather unconventional "weapon" - the SW 127 MC.  Yes, that's right, a Mak for DSO. Now, I know some of you have already played with this kind of instrument before, and had some pretty decent results. I also know that many imagers with higher standards have the habit to blame this little scope for its limitations. But who cares..   It's all about experimenting and having some late night fun. I used mine with a 0.63x FR, set at 0.73x due to the actual chip-to-lens distance I got, which brings down the focal ration from an infamous 11.8 to a more usable 8.6, which is quite doable exposure-wise, but a little inconvenient when it comes to star shape and vignetting (although the latter can be dealt with by means of flat frames).
      With a MC-SCT thread adapter and a custom made rotatable SCT-2"-M42 adapter, I could use both the Celestron reducer and the 2" LP filter with the dslr on the Mak127, for a couple of dozens 50/50 hit rate 30s subs for each object, along with a set of correction frames (darks, flats, bias). I really hope next time, with PEC, the hit rate (percentage of usable subs with round stars) will increase, and subs will be longer, so I can take better images. Until then, this is what I managed to get. Processing is done in a "keep-it-simple-son" manner: DSS & PS CS5. I didn't bother shooting RAW, although I am aware of the limitation of using JPG correction frames. Maybe next time  
      Clear skies, everyone!

    • By Woolnut
      Hey SGL,
      I have been wanting to get into imaging and have recently purchased a used converted webcam to use with the scope, at the moment i don't have GoTo but i am going to look at getting the upgrade kit for around £300 but naturally i am a little hesitant as i don't think I have taken everything into account! Currently i have:
      Current Kit
      - SW 150p w/ EQ3-2
      - 2x Barlow
      - Various EP's
      - Webcam (arriving soon)
      Looking to Purchase
      - EQ3-2 GoTo Upgrade Kit
      - Some sort of power supply to work with the GoTo
      Other than a laptop are there any other bits of kit i will need for a basic imaging rig that i haven't thought of?
    • By Eduardo Ventura
      I hope this is the best place to post this...
      I recently acquired a Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P DS and an HEQ5 Pro to go with it and couldn't find that much information regarding what was actually in the boxes, to know if I needed to buy anything else, etc.. So I made this unboxing video so that people can actually see what the boxes contain and get a bit more information regarding the kit.
      Bear in mind that this is my frist unboxing video and that I don't have any intention of being a know-it-all... I just want to share information with people out there...
      If you find these helpful I'll continue to do these (since I'm waiting for the arrival of an eyepiece and a Barlow, otherwise I'll just stop...
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