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LDN 1235 Dark Shark in Cepheus WIP

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Hey guys,

three days ago I started gathering some data for the Dark shark. Due to the FOV of my setup I can't fit the whole nebula in one pic so I'll have to do a 2 panel mosaic. As it's my most favorite nebula and so far I only captured it in a widefield using Samyang 135mm with Canon 6D so it was super tiny. Now I finally tunned out my setup to do it properly. As I already mentioned I think it's just so amazing and the resemblance to a shark is really uncanny so I'm planning on spending some real time on this one. I've planned out 15-20 hours of luminance data for each panel with 5 hours for each colour filter for each panel. My current record is 22 hours of integration time and I aim to surpass it more than twice 😅. It's gonna be real pain but I really hope it'll be worth it. 

This is the result so far after three days. 103x5min (8,6 hous) of L data for the left part of the mosaic. I was surprised how visible it is after this short amount of time, I processed it in Pixi but only did DBE, Stretch, Resampled it down by 50% and fiddled with curves. In the full resolution the noise is still problem but it should slowly disappear after I add more data. 


Telescope: Explore Scientific 102/714 APO Triplet with 0.8x reducer

Mount: iOptron CEM60

Camera: ASI1600MM Pro - Gain 0, Offset 50, Cooled to -20


Update 28.8.2019:

Last night I finished shooting of the head part and mannaged to squeeze a few shots of the tail part as well so this is first preview of how it's gonna look like :) 

You can see the difference between the head with 12 hours of data and the tail with just one and a half, I need some clear moonles nights. 



7.9.2019 Update: 

I've managed to finish Luminance acquisition, so far 31 hours but I had to throw 7 hours out due to a lower quality. Now I'll have a couple of weeks of NB imaging as the moon starts to grow, then I'll hopefully do the RGB.





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So about two months ago I did a widefield of the Cepheus using my Canon 6D and Samyang 135mm. Out of curiosity I cropped the Shark out of the image, using dynamic align I align it with my luminance data, then I really strongly denoised it and combined it to make LRGB image and even though it looks bad as an image it looks good as a preview of what I'm gonna get when I'll be done with it 🙂 




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Coming along nicely, well done, been working on the same thing but have to travel to a dark site so only got the head end so far :rolleyes:


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I did not know he had a tongue--clearly visible in the first image (all of them once you know its there).  It always surprises me just how big the shark is....really need a widefield rig to capture it.  great shot.


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