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Update on my observations


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Hi All

After getting my Skywatcher Explorer 150p 3 weeks ago, after a great start with the planets thought i would attempt at andromeda and nebula , brought sky atlas, over the last 2 weeks had quite a few clear nights, and thinking i was the next Patrick Moore, couldnt find anything although i had found the ring nebula as a tiny spec.

Started getting disheartened came back on here, found that eyepieces supplied with the scope are not the best, so after reading thread after thread decided to get a BST Starguider 8mm. Set everything up and took my breath away, so much clearer and sharper, had another go at Andromeda and ....... there it was a grey foggy blob,  fantastic,  remember from reading on here about light pollution ect, to look slightly away and could see a bit  more, i was like a kid at Christmas.

Looked for the Ring nebula again and found it, to be fair it wasnt the best view in the world but could make out the ring was slightly different colour. I had been looking in the right place priviously but with the supplier super 10 just a small dot even with the barlow which was in the telescope package the BST Starguider was so much better. 

Now going to buy a couple more im thinking the 5mm and either the 12mm or 15mm, would it be worth me getting the BST barlow as well?

Without this forum i think i would have given up, so thanks to everyone on here for advice either direct of indirect


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Good work, keep it up! 

However if it were me I'd save your money for a while, it's true that the eyepieces that come with your scope aren't amazing - they are definitely not bad though. Of the two that come with your scope the 20/25mm is actually not too bad, it's the 10mm that's the weaker one and you've replaced that with the BST. I wouldn't say that buying more eyepieces would provide the transformative experience you may be expecting. And they definitely definitely won't make previously invisible objects jump out at you. In astronomy the improvements are more incremental.

As cheesy as it sounds the best investment you can make is time. Observation is a skill and takes time to perfect - the views will improve as your experience improves. 

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