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COMPLETED - Complete rig for sale £2200 NOW SOLD

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Hi sorrowfully I have decided it is time to sell my rig as it is not getting used due to lack of time and work commitments and it is best that someone gets good use out of it rather than it sitting in my cupboard

 I am selling at a very good price as it is collection only (skegness area)  and I will be moving house in a few months so want a quick sale. £2200 for the job lot

To list the main items;

1. Skywatcher evostar 80 ED DS pro and aluminium case

2. Skywatcher evostar 80 ED DS pro with baader steeltrack focuser and modded with a skywatcher autofocuser that also comes with

   a  control box(one of Dions) that enables it to be connected to a pc

3. Atik 460 EX mono camera 

3b. skywatcher focal reducer x0.85

4. Atik EFW2 (electronic filter wheel 2) this comes with the 9x1.25" mounted  carousel

5. complete set of baader LRGB  filters as well as a set of narrowband S,O and 7nm hydogen alpha filters

6. NEQ6 pro synscan goto equatorial mount belt modded and wedge modded

7. altair astro pier with mounting puck and skywatcher pier

8. icron usb 2 ranger 2304 ( enables connection of devices over cat cables) plus startech 7 port usb hub

9. Hitech astro dew strips x 4 and control unit

10. QHY5 mono guide camera

11. flat panel

12. plenty of other stuff such as telrad finder, skywatcher finder scope, batinov mask, barlow lens couple of eye pieces laser collimator, cheshire collimator various extensions dovetail bars etc. Custom attachments to get the correct spacing for the focal reducer x 2

there is plenty of other bits and pieces and considering the atik camera alone retails at over £2000 then all this has got to be a real bargain

P.S I have receipts for pretty much everything which can be viewed upon collection

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE PM ME i will be selling on a first come first serve basis
























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2k is a bargain for all that kit! Got to be close to 4k new? However, if you find you struggle to sell as a job lot and you decide to split, please bear me in mind for the Telrad.  

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Too cheap imo. The Atik gear is 2.5k alone. Personally I'd try sell the mount, scope etc as an bargain entry level package and try sell Atik stuff as another package. A serious camera for a serious imager, should have no probs selling.



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6 hours ago, Danjc said:

I know you want to sell as a package but would you consider selling the baader LRGB filters ? If so how much ?


Sorry not splitting down to smaller items would only consider a 50/50 type split at this point

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19 minutes ago, andyo said:

Sorry not splitting down to smaller items would only consider a 50/50 type split at this point

Fair play mate, if things change let me know. Good luck with the sale as someone will get a bargain with some quality kit. 

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3 hours ago, andyo said:

Sorry not splitting down to smaller items would only consider a 50/50 type split at this point

That camera is worth well over 1k on it's own on second hand market. 

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