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Out observing the Moon from 1.40 am this morning prior to the Hyades occultations later - the first event being the occultation of a 3.8 mag star at 3.43 am.  The lunation was truly wonderful.  The pictures below show the terminator from Copernicus to Frau Mauro (and the Apollo 14 landing site), Mons Recti Teneriffe and Pico (the latters peaks just visible) and sunset over Clavius and the area around it. The detail was stunning in the 120ED visually.  The pictures are all crops from the same single frame taken at 4.14 am, 1/250 sec at 500 asa.

In addition to the disappearance of the 3.8 mag star at 3.43 am, I saw a second occultation of a 4.8 mag star at 4.26 am and finally the best event was the reappearance of the same 3.8 mag star from behind the dark side of the Moon at 4.53 am.  When it popped out it was like a bright lamp suddenly being switched on.  It was beautiful with the bright star (yellowish to my eyes) adjacent to the dark limb and then the illuminated lunar service.

Great views of the Moon and occultation events, well worth only getting 1 1/2 hours sleep!











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Thanks Piero, I'm pleased you got to observe also.  Understandable perhaps that so many people give the Moon a miss when it's in the early morning sky.  I rather like it at this time as it's usually quiet, not so many people having their heating on, the seeing is often better and no barbeques :smile:

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Hi Paul,  lovely images. I missed the first occultation here at Knowles Mill, the moon still behind the tree tops, although I did manage to observe the latter one. The seeing was very good, and Copernicus in particular looked superb in the 130 mm APO. I stayed out until 6.30 am, and like you now need to catch up on some welcome sleep.    Cheers  Chris.    

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