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Imaging Challenge #25 - Solar - Winners

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Some beautiful entries to this one - unfortunately the Sun started off with a strong spot display which tailed off in the latter half of the competition.

Well done to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners below 🙂


AR2738 and environs By michael.h.f.wilkinson



AR2741 WL By Freddie



Solar disc after the thunderstorm By acr_astro



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Stunning may be an over used term but these three are just that ... stunning. 

The level of detail is amazing and the drawing from acr is a step beyond my pay grade !

Thanks to all the entries as I think I learnt a few things,


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Absolutely awesome.  That winning image has so much detail, just incredible.  #2 is the kind of feature I am really keeping my eyes open for as an observer new to the solar arena.  That sketch for #3 is just beautiful, amazing job.  These are great!!

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All credit to the winners.

For myself, Michael's image hit the spot ... I think, because it provided context.
That ring of fire, and the bizarre happenstence of energy (bottom left); a chute of plasma exiting or returning.

However, I couldn't live with the missing black rectangle (what's going on there, at top left?).
I presume that there must be a reason.
(are there rules to follow?)

For my own pleasure, I loaded the image in Gimp.
Using first 'clone', and then 'heal', the missing block was replaced with the adjacent 'sky'.

At a technical level, I see this as fraud.
Yet, at an artistic level ... perfectly acceptable.

For competition, perhaps the defining factor is in listing the post processing work  🌝
(note to myself : read the competition rules)


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