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Hello guys,

A local amateur is selling stuf (in the pic bellow) as a bundle. How much do you think it's worth? I'd like to get your guesses first of what would be a good price for second hand and then compare that to the asking price.

What's in the bundle?

-Skywatcher 10'' Dob

-9mm and 15mm WA (I beleive Omegon)

- 30 mm WA (not sure)

- 4mm, 6mm planetary EP (Skywatcher)

- 8 mm planetary (not sure)

- 25 mm Plossl (skywatcher)

- Touptek camera 1200 ??

- OIII Filter (Omegon) 

- Omegon Aluminium case

- Lunar filter

Here is the picture. Maybe you ll be better than me at recongnising the pieces. Please give me your toughs! Cheers!



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How longs a piece of string?? 😉

Depends primarily on the age and condition of the scope, particularly the quality of the mirror. The same goes for the eyepieces; none of them sound particularly premium although combined would make a fairly useful set.

Camera quite a good one though provided it has all its bits and bobs. Possibly worth as much as £75-80.

As for the rest... a good 10" dob can usually fetch around £225 if its in good condition. But depends on condition.

I'm not sure the combined price of the rest of the accessories would command a high price. You're usually looking at half to two thirds of retail for well looked after equipment. Not sure if that is much help. 

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The scope itself is probably worth $350.00 USD more or less. The OIII filter can be expensive - is it 1.25" or 2"? That makes a big difference, not to mention condition.

A camera on a Dob has no value to me. If you are wanting to do AP, you need a whole other kind of scope.

The EP's are nothing special, used, I wouldn't pay over $50.00 USD for any of them.

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A SW 250P retails new at £422, if it's in decent order it's probably worth <2/3 of that so around <£280

Maybe offer £350-£375 like dweller25 suggests above for the lot?  

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OK ... We got 2 winners dweller25 and JOC. The asking price is 400 EUR which is equivalent to 370.75 GBP.

I have to say that I am very tempted to buy it ... another present to myself ... I'll justify it somehow 😉

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