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Celestron 8se or a 200p goto on a good mount?


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I've only ever done planetary imaging on my 127 nexstar using a zwo asi224 but do own a few canon dslr as well.

I'd like to do some dso imaging with my eos m50 as well.

I'm going to upgrade and wondered if the 8se with a focal reducer is good enough or is the 200p a more do anything option?

The size of the 8se is appealing but flo do a good 200p for £1150?

I'm storing in a good man cave so my scopes dont travel far.

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I have done planetary imaging with a C8 SE. Trust me, you do not want to do this.  The OTA is great, but get a C8 OTA and put it on a proper imaging mount like an AVX or a Sky-watcher Synacan. Or get the CPC800 package.  The SE mount is a visual mount, but from an imaging point of view there is too much vibration and lack of stiffness, too much backlash and poor tracking.  Don't go there unless you already have a C8SE and just want to give planetary imaging a try.   As for deep-sky imaging with a SE - ROFL! No!!

As for the 200p, only if you must.  Personally I'd much rather use a C8 as the depth of focal range makes attaching sundry imaging accessories so much easier.   I can't identify the FLO deal, but for imaging it needs at least a HEQ5 Pro Synscan mount.

For deep sky imaging you don't want either of these scopes, but a small high quality refractor on a heavy duty imaging mount.

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