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In the absense of...

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Posted (edited)

I was bored with looking for something which just isn't there.
So I captured some white light surface detail. 1000 frames at 25 FPS in SharpCap.
Very windy, image shaking at times, with obvious limb 'boiling.'

One image is via my 180mm f/12 R35 iStar with 2" Lacerta solar prism. 2160mm f/l.
The other is with my 90mm f/11 Vixen with very old and worn out Baader Solar foil. 1000mm f/l
Both captured with my ZWO120MC fitted with 1.25" Solar Continuum in SharpCap and processed heavily in Registax6.
Both resized to 800 pixels in PhotoFiltre for forum use.
People do ask about visible surface detail in white light.
I can usually see fine surface detail in the 90mm long before it shows up clearly in the 180mm.

Edit: I added a brightened 90mm image

Just thought this would make an interesting comparison. 🤓

16_43_18 12819 180 rsz 800.jpg



16_56_30 128419 90 rsz 800 gamma.jpg

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Large image size.
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Posted (edited)

Very nice, fine detail! Green and all 👍

The peak of the "white light" of the sun is green.

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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, viewer said:

Very nice, fine detail! Green and all 👍

The peak of the "white light" of the sun is green.

Thanks. :thumbsup:

The green is from the Baader Solar Continuum filter added to the eyepiece or camera.

I decided to leave the green colour unchanged because the subject matter is in white light. [Rather than red for H-alpha]
The filter helps to bring out the contrast in surface detail and is much more relaxing on the eye while observing the [Filtered] sun in white light.

WARNING: I should add that I use a fixed protective filter system ND3 + single polarizing + UV/IR blocker in my 2" Lacerta Solar [Herschel] Prism.
The Baader Solar Continuum filter cannot be used as a solar filter on its own. Nor can a solar prism be used on its own.
The solar prism must be ALWAYS be used with a strong Neutral Density filter. ND3.
The single polariser is rotated to make the image brightness more comfortable but offers very little protection on its own.
These additional filters are housed in the base of the prism's rotatable eyepiece holder.   

P1360653 rsz 600.JPG

P1360634 rsz 600.jpg

P1370526 rsz 600.JPG

P1360685 rsz 600.JPG

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