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COMPLETED - HEQ5 Pro SynScan ****SOLD****

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As title. Not the best to look at cosmetically but in good working order.

Mount has upgraded latitude bolts.

Will throw in the following:
Sky-Watcher power supply
HiteCastro DC focus controller
EQDIR cable to control mount from laptop
Long UK plug mains power cable
USB hub
Lovely Lords Cricket bag

£375 ONO

Based in Kent near Maidstone.

Collection only.



Edited by Rza

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May I suggest you put a price in the listing? It is required in SGL rules and not doing this might result in mods deleting the post.

Your location for collection, or any delivery options would help prospective buyers.

Good luck with the sale.



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It's probably worth anywhere between 450-550, but you do need to set a price, plus whether you're collection only or willing to post. If collection only where from. Payment method - cash, paypal, bank transfer etc. 

As well as the above being SGL rules, it will really help with selling it :)

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2 hours ago, teoria_del_big_bang said:

Where are u situated?


Kent, near Maidstone

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I mean im not adversed to posting . Not sure how much it would be or who to use!

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Hi sorry been on holiday.

Just been sold sorry. Will edit the post

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