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COMPLETED - HEQ5 Pro SynScan ****SOLD****

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Posted (edited)

As title. Not the best to look at cosmetically but in good working order.

Mount has upgraded latitude bolts.

Will throw in the following:
Sky-Watcher power supply
HiteCastro DC focus controller
EQDIR cable to control mount from laptop
Long UK plug mains power cable
USB hub
Lovely Lords Cricket bag

£375 ONO

Based in Kent near Maidstone.

Collection only.



Edited by Rza

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May I suggest you put a price in the listing? It is required in SGL rules and not doing this might result in mods deleting the post.

Your location for collection, or any delivery options would help prospective buyers.

Good luck with the sale.



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It's probably worth anywhere between 450-550, but you do need to set a price, plus whether you're collection only or willing to post. If collection only where from. Payment method - cash, paypal, bank transfer etc. 

As well as the above being SGL rules, it will really help with selling it :)

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Ah ok thanks i will update!!

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2 hours ago, teoria_del_big_bang said:

Where are u situated?


Kent, near Maidstone

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I mean im not adversed to posting . Not sure how much it would be or who to use!

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Hi sorry been on holiday.

Just been sold sorry. Will edit the post

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    • By gerardsheldon
      I tested the tracer polymer battery over a six hour period and although the red light on the HEQ5 flashed most of the time, and more rapidly as time went on, the mount moved so that the time on setting circles changed by six hours, suggesting the mount will track OK.  (the test was carried out during the day).  I did not try to get the telescope to point in a different direction using the handset.
      1) Should I be bothered by the flashing lights on the HEQ5 mount?
      2) Is tracer misleading people by saying their batteries are 12 volts?  (they say that their discharge curves are flat)
      I found that the battery's voltage falls.  Below is from the Tracer datasheet.
      Built-in Fuel Gauge - 5 colour LED fuel gauge mounted externally to show charge level. LED Status:
      3 green & 2 red: Battery fully charged 11.7V
      2 green & 2 red: Over 50% capacity 11.4V
      1 green & 2 red: Over 20% capacity 11.1V
      2 red: Less than 20% capacity 10.7V 1 red:
      Less than 10% capacity 10.3V No lights: Battery empty 8.25V 
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      Sooo...I'm getting quote frustrated here. This spring I tested my HEQ5 with guiding. The synscan controller was connected to the computer trough the USB plug on the hand controller. This worked like a charm in my living room. On the new controllers you dont need the rs cable. But when I tried the whole thing with guide cameara for some live shooting, it just did not work. I get something wrong with the com port in decice manager, driver not working. I have tried 3 different drivers. The whole thing responded, connected and was guiding when i did a dummy test before the summer. So setup is pc-synscan via usb for pulse guiding. Can it be a problem with windows 10? What t h.... just happened? Where can I find a driver that works? And believe me it worked 5 months ago, argh. Thanks for any respons and support
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      Hi everyone, 
      as the title suggests, I've noticed that the RA axis of my HEQ5 pro mount has some give. I don't notice it while the clutch is unlocked, but it's very obvious with a locked RA clutch. Any suggestions on what could be causing it/what adjustments need to be made? 
    • By LR Watanabe
      I cannot emphasise enough my current feeling of happiness. For weeks on end, I've been looking for a seller in Japan that offers the HEQ5, but the effort was futile.
      Until now, that is.
      FLO (First Light Optics) ships to Japan! They really do! (Well, I will have to add 200£ to the mix, though). What makes matters better is that by the end of the year, I'll be able to afford the HEQ5, a good (F4) guide scope, a autoguiding camera, AND possibly a Coma Corrector! 
      But then again, I'm thwarted by a question my beginner brain cannot answer. Assuming I have the HEQ5 perfectly Polar Aligned (Sharpcap Pro FTW) and I've balanced correctly (that biasing rubbish), what kind of subs will I be expecting with roughly 7-8 kg on the HEQ5 total? 
      Clear skies,
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      Morning folks,
      I'm planning a bit of a change in my imaging setup and after much thought I need some input from others if you can.
      I want to upgrade my setup, currently a SW 130pds HEQ5 with a 60mm guide scope imaging with a modded 500D.
      I often find my imaging time limited but am planning the build of a mini obsy to make longer sessions more practical.
      Would mounting a SW72 ed on top of the 130pds be over kill to get an dual imaging system going and increase the data volume, both with a canon 500d and a simple finder guider, the mount should be ok with this.
      Or just keep the status quo and add an auto focuser for longer single scope sessions that can be more automated in keeping good focus with the lighter setup.
      The dual version I believe would end up having wider field images as I would probably have to add the higher resolution from the longer FL to the shorter FL images.
      Any 2p's worth would be appreciated I just want to achieve more productive sessions.
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