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Help Needed What ZWO Camera To Get

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Hi All,

I want to make the jump from a Canon 600D to a dedicated cooled OSC Camera, but i dont know what ZWO Camera to get, i have the following Telescope and Lenses.

TS Optics Triplet 480mm Focal Length

William Optics Redcat 250mm Focal Length

Samyang 135mm F2 Lens

What is the best ZWO Camera to get ?


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I imagine judging by your equipment you like wide fields, I don't know if it is the best but next week I am going for a ASI 071, it is about the most expensive and will really help with the wide fields, you may well need a flattener though. Coming down in price somewhat is the 294 model which to me looks nice and its still a large chip. I have been put off the 183 model by one or two people on site.


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2 hours ago, daveangie0110 said:

What is the best ZWO Camera to get ?

I use a 1600MM-Pro Cooled with my Samyang 135mm and have been delighted with the results I get using both with the ZWO Mini EFW.


I've also used the 1600 with a TS Optics 2" filter holder on a WO-ZS71 with R/F - giving a focal length of ~320mm.

I've yet to try it with my ED80DS but I'm optimistic it will give equally pleasing results.


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Posted (edited)

It depends on the budget:

ASI / QHY 183 - 1 '- 2,4um - 12bits - RN: 1e-2,7e (color / monochrome):
135mm = 3.67 "arc / pix - 5.60º
250mm = 1.98 "arc / pix - 3.03º
480mm = 1.03 "arc / pix - 1.58º

ASI1600 / QHY163 / Atik Horizon - 4/3 '- 3,8um - 12bits - RN: 1e-2,4e (color / monochrome):
135mm = 5.81 "arc / pix - 7.51º
250mm = 3.14 "arc / pix - 4.06º
480mm = 1.63 "arc / pix - 2.11º
ASI294 - 4/3 '- 4,6um - 14bits - RN: 1,2e (color):
135mm = 7.10 "arc / pix - 8.11º
250mm = 3.84 "arc / pix - 4.38º
480mm = 2.00 "arc / pix - 2.28º

ASI071 / QHY168C - APSC - 4.88um - 14bits - RN: 2.3e-3.2e (color)
135mm = 7.46 "arc / pix - 10.02º
250mm = 4.03 "arc / pix - 5.41º
480mm = 2.10 "arc / pix - 2.82º

QHY268 - APSC - 3.76um - 16bits - RN: 1e (color)
135mm = 5.74 "arc / pix
250mm = 3.10 "arc / pix
480mm = 1.62 "arc / pix

Edited by cabfl
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