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Star trailing in AstroArt 7

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When I stack with AstroArt 7 demo I get weird stars but I am sure I focused good. Why is that and how can I solve it?


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When you ask it to stack are you going into the next tab: Options/auto alignment/ Star pattern + rotation?


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7 hours ago, carastro said:

When you ask it to stack are you going into the next tab: Options/auto alignment/ Star pattern + rotation?


Yes I select Star pattern + rotation

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Sorry I didn't reply before but have had mega computer problems today.  Yes I was going to say the same thing about the single subs, are they round, or mishapen?


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I checked every photo and found one blurry a bit I think a cat touched it when I was away. Thank for every respond.

Clear skies.

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      I have a huge problem with DSS.
      About a week ago, I took 300, 2 second long exposures of Andromeda with my skywatcher 90/900.
      But when DSS started scanning the stars in the images, it only registered about 5 stars at 40%. And only 7 stars at 20%. I tried to stack them and selected stack 100% of frames, but it only stacked around 29.
      I even tried it at 4% where it registered around 40 stars, but DSS crashed mid process due to the immense amount of stars being scanned (60 000 per image at least). 
      I tried it sooooo many times, but I don't get it to work. It somehow stacked 131 images I took of the lagune nebula (1 second lang exposure). You couldn't see the actual nebula, but some bright stars were there and DSS was able to stack. 
      In the Andromeda pics, there were like 5 times more stars, but it didn't work. 
      If anyone knows what's wrong, pls help me!!! I'm slowly loosing it on that nonsense. 
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      Im not exactly new to astrophotography but I am definitely new to stacking images. I first tried deep sky stacker because it seems it's what everyone uses. Almost every time I've tried stacking it only wants to stack 1 image cause of a star detection error. I made the detection threshold so it would detect the most amount of stars and it doesn't help. I read other posts and thought it was a focusing error on the stars so I made sure to focus the image as much as possible and the error still pops up. The Orion nebula picture is one of a data set where I tried to stack and the error came up but the stars are very clearly visible. Any suggestions? 
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      I like live stacking as I can see the image develop and it saved my hard drive being cluttered up with thousands of images. 
      The downside, I have found is that if a cheeky wisp of cloud comes over, it often gets included (in spite of trying to clamp down the FWHM settings). Some of my images then have a like a grey smear over them.
      Then after and hour of live stacking I find it looks just like a greasy smear over the picture- which is a real pain to try and post process out.
      Always seems to happen when I pop indoors to make a drink etc.

      I noticed that there was a setting on SharpCap. to save the stack- save and reset. Which I have not used yet.
      So Im thinking maybe I should do shorter live stacks eg. 30s for 5-10 minutes and then stack the results in A!S or DSS, so I can weed out the poorest sets, and I least I get something.
      Gives me a chance to do any slight re-adjustment too.
      Is a stack of stacks the same as doing a longer stack?

      My rusty school maths says it should be - but thought I'd see if anyone else does this.
      (I guess the setting wouldn't be there otherwise)

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      Hi is anyone using Regim to stack using a dslr modded , currently trying to work out the settings in regim , im using a modified canon 1000D , do i need to set up libraw within regim ? if anyone has good success in using regim i would be interested in hearing what settings you are using .
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      This is probably silly, but anyway here it goes....
      What would happen if say someone intended to shoot 100 of 60sec subs of orion nebula or Andromeda, and clouds rolled in the middle of the session or just got bored and stopped for a hot beverage.
      Now this poor fellow is left with only 50 subs and starts thinking of copying and renaming these 50 subs in the same folder (unaltered or with slight denoise or slight Gaussian blur) and stacking all of the 100 subs?
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