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Jupiter and Saturn with 6" Reflector

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Jupiter and Io and Saturn from the 2nd of August before clouds rolled in. The second Jupiter image was resized in RegiStax. Conditions average, Mandurah Western Australia.

Captured in SharpCap, stacked in AutoStakkert 3, wavelets in RegiStax 6, edited in PaintDotNet.

ZWO ASI224MC with 2x Barlow
SkyWatcher 6" reflector short tube, fl 1000mm
SkyWatcher EQ6 Pro




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5 hours ago, Ags said:

Very very good. I am curious - you say focal length is 1000, but how do you get there with a 2x barlow?

Sorry for the confusion, the native focal length of the scope is 1000mm, with the 2x Barlow 2000mm. The resized image was at 200% using the Mitchell filter in RS6 😉

This is the first 6" short tube I've had and often wondered how they get a long focal length from a short tube. There is a metal barrel at the end of the secondary mirror pointing towards the primary which houses a lens. I'm wondering if I took that lens out if it would make it a 500mm scope. The only other thing would be the focus plane and if I could reach focus if I took the lens out. If it could focus it would be a nasty f/3.3 scope and with heaps of CA I'm sure 😁 just not sure if it's a 2x magnifying lens.

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