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Super black moon anyone ???

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Seeing the "news" stories surrounding the "black" Moons this month is hilarious! 

A couple of quotes i particularly enjoyed are 

"Sadly for those of us in the UK, tonight's black supermoon will only be visible (or should we say, invisible) for sky gazers in the US. However, all is not lost for us Brits - a black moon is scheduled to take place over the UK on August 30"  🙂 

"This year, the UK will also see three super new moons occur on August 1, August 30 and September 28. But, a super new moon is less exciting for space fans because it is invisible from Earth"  🙂 

Shouldn't laugh, but after the enjoyable coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings 🙂 

I guess it keeps astronomy in the mainstream news, so its not all bad! Black moon........... 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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12 hours ago, MarsG76 said:

Best viewed through a telescope specifically designed for looking through using only the left eye, but with a right eye eyepiece.


Or better still, leave the dust cap on....😜

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Ridiculous, although part of me is relieved it was not described as a 'Dried Blood' or 'Black Labrador' Moon or some such nonsense.

It's the moon, you can't see it. Move on 🌑🤪🤪🌑

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For those who have no idea what it's about, apparently some people say a "Black Moon" is the second of two new moons occurring in the same month (similar to a Blue Moon being the second of two full moons).

I've never heard the expression before and had to look it up.  This will now doubtless be relegated to one of those utterly useless bits of information that clutters up space in my brain that I could have otherwise put to better (or even some) use.


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Bunch of lunatics 😁

Found this on moon names.

”November’s moon is the Beaver Moon. There is the Harvest Moon, which many people place in fall, but then there are Moons for specific harvests: Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Hay Moon, Grain Moon, Fruit Moon, Nut Moon, Blackberry Moon, Strawberry Moon. There are moons for killing: Buck Moon, Hunter’s Moon, Hare Moon, Sturgeon Moon. There are Moons for growing things: Pink Moon (when the first spring flowers appear), Egg Moon, Budding Moon. There are Moons for harder times: Little Famine Moon, Big Famine Moon, Hungry Moon, Bony Moon, Dying Moon.

There is a regular old Blood Moon, and then there is the special Blood Moon of the lunar eclipse, which glows red. There is the well-known Blue Moon, the second full moon in the same calendar month, but there is also a Black Moon, a month’s second new moon.”

Surprised to find there’s a moon named after a Scottish politician though. 😂

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