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Monitor for Samsung SCB-2000 Camera

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Hello Guys

Could someone recommend me a 10" or a 12" colour monitor to hook up with my SCB-2000 camera please?  I need it to be a 12 volt dc feed going to power it up. I intend to use it for live views of the Moon for an outreach event that our society will be running guys!

Kind regards,

Hadyn - Isle of Man

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A potential idea to give you far more flexibility.....

1.  12v DC battery (as proposed) to power a....

2.   Bestek 12v DC to 240v AC 300W Power Inverter (around £29.99 from Amazon).

Having available 240v in tne field means your choice of regular (now mains equivalent) monitors is then vastly greater. This is how caravanners and campers might resolve this. Perhaps carry the battery and inverter in a tiny 'toolbox'. Carefully calculate the amp-hours required from 1.

My experience with  tiny 12v field monitors isn't good. You are typically restricted to 720p resolution. The above route means you can use a regular 12" or 15" monitor offering 1080p HD or even 4K UHD. Regular monitors are in mass demand and hence typically cheaper than specialist models.




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Have a look at Caravan TV's - there's some with AV input that would work with the SCB2000 and some have rechargable battery packs which may also prove useful.

Here's one on Amazon UK:


The SCB2000 is standard definition PAL 1024x600 pixels is the best you can hope for.

I used a 3.5" LCD monitor (rear view camera monitor)  with my SCB2000 and was happy with the results for personal viewing.




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