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Monitor for Samsung SCB-2000 Camera

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Hello Guys

Could someone recommend me a 10" or a 12" colour monitor to hook up with my SCB-2000 camera please?  I need it to be a 12 volt dc feed going to power it up. I intend to use it for live views of the Moon for an outreach event that our society will be running guys!

Kind regards,

Hadyn - Isle of Man


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Hi hadyn,,

I bought the  toguard   model wr943

Power 12-24v DC. 5w

Built in speakers

VGA port via usb b port

HDMI port

3.5 mm port for composite video and audio , cable supplied

Remote control..

Been a while since I used it but good screen


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Hello Davey

Thank you for your help. I will check out the info over the weekend!

Hoping to catch up with you at the Galloway Star Party.

Kindest regards,

Hadyn - IOM


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Hello Davy

Thanks yet again the the info!

I cant seem to find a picture of the connections on the back of WR943 at the moment to see what the connections are. Not to sure what a usb b port looks like.

I hope you are enjoying the good weather up there with you, its been very good here for solar viewing, just wish I could turn the temperature down a bit though lol.

Kindest regards,

Hadyn - IOM

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