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Sky watching with the P8079HP cascade night vision tube.

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Having watched some youtube videos of the stars through night vision devices i wanted to do the same and see it for myself, the light-gathering power of the P8079HP is impressive, the manufacturer's manual says it multiplies incoming light by 100,000.

Some specs on the tube here from the manufacturer's manual :


It takes from 5 to 6.75 DC at 35mA max in my experience though the manual says 50mA max, these tubes are old so mileage varies.

To use it as a stand-alone unit it needs an objective lens in front of the input and an ocular/webcam/video-device-of-some-sort plus power to the device, usually in the form of an AA battery or project box with a switch, and maybe a power LED if you're feeling fancy. A few people have built some very nicely finished units, this thread is informative and has lots of photos, though most of it is to do with using it for hunting :


I've been putting my one together, i'm gclarke66 on that thread, the most recent post since it's  a fairly inactive thread.





weatherproof container.jpg

pi camera in endcap.jpg

raspberry pi with cam and endcap.jpg

ground contact ring holder in place.jpg

ground contact ring holder.jpg

ground contact ring.jpg

temporary assembly.jpg

bad cut.jpg

output end.jpg

input end.jpg


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Hi,, got one if these a while back now and done a lot if 3d printing of the bits,, 

I did the same as yours and used a cctv lens on the front,, on the rear I put a jewelers loop to be able to view the images from the night sight,, was OK,,, I got a lot of help from von noggindragon to keep me right,, I wanted to fit mine on to a camera,, dslr to be specific,, what I found was that,, if l had a fixed focal length,, I could only see objects clearly at a set distance,, to make it viable for use an adjustable focuser needs to be added or some other work around needed,, I ended up putting a Canon fd lens on mine,, spent a lot of hours designing and printing on the project so far. 

Only one early design photo I can find just now 

Rear end for less or camera,, think jewelers loop is in there as well 


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