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I received my new ioptron cem 40 mount yesterday from First light Optics.  Excellent service and advice from them, thank you guys

I was lucky to try it out last night , first the ipolar, it worked a treat was polar aligned in less than 5 minutes, and it was a quick alignment as I did not get the crosshair in the middle of the circle. however I was 3.7 arc minutes within the pole.  the clouds started to roll in a little, so I fired up PHD2 and tried guiding, the rms values were 0.07 RA and 0.28 DEC.   im sure I can improve on that especially if I use guise assistant and get a better polar alignment. 

first impressions are very good, . more to come later when I have had more chance under the stars.



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Nice one! I've been wanting to get an EQ mount for a while. I was pretty well settled on the EQ6R until the CEM40 came out. I think the CEM40 is what I'll be getting. Just debating if I want to spring for the EC model and the 2" tripod. I plan to keep it for a long time and have no intention of getting a huge scope so the 40 should be enough for me. Might be worth it to just go all in if it's the only mount I'll have for a while. Decisions, decisions...

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