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Hi @Marcel74, I've not tried any UWA's as I don't have those, but I've used the newer TAL 1.25-inch eyepieces from 40mm down to 6.3mm and also Vixen NPL 20&10mm as well as the Svbony zooms (8-24 & 7-21) and they all gave good results. Also a couple orthos (12 & 9mm) with good results.

I had moved the mirror as well as swapped the focuser to a TAL 1.25-inch version but you can get the modern eyepieces to work fine with the 32mm focuser, you just need to shift the mirror up the tube a bit as I did further up this thread.

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thought I'd update. Ordered 60mm allen head bolts and 40mm setscrews to lift the mirror a bit more and also some longer springs with 1.5mm wire. Sadly the springs are way too stiff, well IMHO as I'd n

wow that's a nice looking one you got there Marcel, mine didn't have the wood case which is a pity. Worth keeping an eye out for the later 1.25-inch focuser as that does make it easier in use but the

Thanks! Its like this gem waited for me since years. Small background: I wished to have a telescope again after a few years of not observing the nightsky. But I simply didnt find one: Too small mounti

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From memory, I think standard plossls worked just fine in the 1.25" focuser. I used a Revelation (GSO) 32mm, Vixen NPL 15mm and I think the older SW 9mm 66 degree worked OK but unfortunately that was not such a good EP. My ES 20mm Maxvision wouldn't come to focus which was a shame as its a nice EP The Revelation 2.25x barlow also worked OK. The Tal1 is a very nice scope with very good optics. When I had mine I did some work on it to try to upgrade it to something like a more modern spec' scope. Looking back this was a mistake and I think it would have been better to accept it as it was using EPs that worked perfectly well with it. Its so easy, given what is available today to hanker for  wider field of view than what was the norm when the Tal was made.

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