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This book is available now in some branches of Works, at any rate it's in the Keighley store.

I have many of the Haynes Space/Astronomy series of Haynes Manuals I have bought at a bargain price at Works and this is a good one, if you have any interest in the Moon and Apollo go and get it before they sell out.  This one is a good one and one I have been hoping for some time they would stock, didn't want to pay £22!  Link to Amazon below so you can read more about it.




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Blimey John that is a great double.  I'm very jealous though as I haven't got a copy of the Apollo 11 one - I've been looking out for it in works for a couple of years.  I may have to buy it full price if I can't get it by the 75th anniversary!  🥴

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John, inspired by the fact you ordered yours on line, I persevered (I hate ordering things on line!) and ordered a copy of Apollo 11 for collection from my local store, many thanks.

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My original moon atlas was a birthday present given to me by one of my older brothers, 59 years ago,  when I was about 12, a copy of Elger's The Moon 1895.

I still treasure it.

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Popped into Works today, and took the following pics:

   2032335375_20190727_0938081.thumb.jpg.4164e65764f44df57d037f3b69e17d52.jpg              311498548_20190727_0939301.thumb.jpg.7dd97b74c978ed5be5d05a133cdfb790.jpg

I had bought the Saturn V and the Rod Pyle books before I started this thread - both bargains also at £6 and £5 resprectively.

Also, I would like to state that I am not employed by Works, nor do I own any shares in the company!!  😄

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