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Walking on the Moon

M76 -The Little Dumbell, sketches at different mags


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Hi All,

I did these too sketches of M76 as a start to my personal 'Project Perseus'....to sketch all visible DSO's in Perseus :) .

I thought it'd be interesting to show it at two different magnifications - trying to tease out detail at higher mag. Both are done using pencils, smudging stick and my Nexstar11.

The first two pics(one inverted) are at x108; fov=41'; lim mag~4.5; no filter; seeing III; transparency= moderate. Time 20.37UT, 18/11/08

The next two are at x311; fov=14'; lim mag~4.5; no filter; seing III; transparency= moderate. Time 20.56UT, 25/11/08

Hope you like them :D


PS. Ooops! :oops: Have just realised after posting, that each piccie is labelled M75....don't know why....should say M76!!! :oops: Sorry!





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Well those are just great Stef. These realistic sketches are very informative. I hope you can comlete your Perseus mission, but it may take you a while. I had a look in my Burnhams, and the count in there is 26. I think if you managed half, you will have performed a miracle.

Ron. :salute:

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Great sketch and interesting to note the difference as you increased magnification. M76 is one of the harder messier objects, what did you make of it?

By the way, is your Project Perseus an idea you developed from your projects thread a few weeks ago? The November issue of Astro Now had a good review of Perseus and some interesting objects. Are you including double stars and variable stars as well?



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Hi Mark,

Thanks....I liked M76. Until I drew it the other day, I had only looked at it once before. As you can see from the sketch, I noticed a significant brightening towards one side of the 'peanut' shape.

Yes, it's an idea from my thread.....I didn't know about the AN article. Until this month, I was a S@N man! Have now subscribed to AN.

I hadn't thought about doubles and variables. I'm not sure how well these would work as sketches.


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