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A couple of areas captured near each other with a heaps of varying features. Taken on the 11th of July from Mandurah Western Australia.
Captured in SharpCap, stacked in AutoStakkert 3, wavelets in RegiStax 6, stitched in Image Composite Editor, edited in PaintDotNet and Fitswork.

Saxon 8" Maksutov
SkyWatcher EQ6 Pro

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    • By Aussie Dave
      Crater Clavius, Crater Maginus  the little Clavius (just below left of Clavius) plus some others from the 11th of July.

      Captured in SharpCap, stacked in AutoStakkert 3, wavelets in RegiStax 6, edited in PaintDotNet with a final tweak in Fitswork.
      ZWO AS174MM
      Saxon 8" Maksutov
      SkyWatcher EQ6 Pro

      Location Mandurah Western Australia.

    • By Aussie Dave
      These were taken 1 day before the Super Moon on the 13th November.
      Taken with the ZWO ASI174MM, Celestron Nexstar 8i SCT, no diagonal, extension tube, Celestron UV/IR cut off filter.
      Captured with Firecapture, stacked with Autostakkert 2, wavelets in Registax 6 and finished off in PaintDotNet.
      I seem to have had a good night for a change and I'm quite happy with images 1,2 and 5.

    • By Aussie Dave
      Early morning on the 22/09/2016 with the Celestron 8i SCT, Bintel 2x ED 2" Barlow, ZWO ASI174mm and Celestron UV/IR cut off filter with Firecapture. Conditions poor.
      I was taking 1 minute videos here and there around the lunar surface. Focusing was difficult, wobbly live view with fleeting sharp frames.
      After Autostakkert2 had aligned and stacked 5% best frames (around 4150 total each video) then wavelets in Registax6, I decided to throw the resulting images in to AutoStitch to see what it could do. I had no intentions of doing a mosaic, it just happened.
      Finished off in PaintDotNet with some sharpening and level adjustment.
      The images I'm getting are still on the soft side, happy with what I got as I'm starting to get some detail in the larger crater walls. Hoping for much better conditions soon.
      This final image has been reduced in size.

      2 pane below from AutoStitch, slightly larger image from the one above.

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