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Guest Dummy

Trying to decide which binoculars

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Guest Dummy

Hello everyone.

I've been trying to decide on a pair of binoculars for about two weeks now and so far I've only managed to settle on the 15x70 specs. Since astronomy in my country is not a common hobby I'm planning on ordering one from Amazon or either having a friend who is going to visit the US soon, bring me back one. My budget is 150 dollars max which I guess also narrows down my options. That said, I read most there is to read about the Celestron Skymaster, Orion, Meade Astro binoculars, Oberwerk LW and Levenhuk Bruno Plus.  I know there are better versions from each brand but sadly, besides being impractical for me those are not in my budget, although obviously if I could I'd go for the Orion Resolux or the Helios Apollo (I've read a little about those too).

Anyway, although I couldn't find too much information about the Meade pair according to Amazon reviews they are pretty much better than the Celestron and Orion in terms of optical quality and durability, and I realize they're not waterproof despite what the product description states (nitrogen purged haha). Now between the Levehuk's and Oberwerk's I gather that the Bruno Plus is in fact slighty better quality as well, but keeping in mind of a tight budget the Meade seem more the choice for me.

I live in a pretty arid country and I don't think moisture will pose much of a problem, let alone being stupid enough to take them out in the rain... So my question is, does anyone have any experience with the Meade 15x70 Astro bins who could assure me they're worth the money, or should I invest a little more and get the Bruno Plus?

Note that I have a tripod just in case, and even if it doesn't work out for some reason, getting a second hand or even a new one isn't a problem.


Thanks in advance for any replies!


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Hi, Dummy, and welcome to SGL.

I have a pair of Celestron 15x70s which I find don't hand-hold at all well, but I find a cheap monopod more useful than a tripod. Seated, with the monopod leaned back against one shoulder, I find that this is a very stable, but easily moveable, combination. Sorry I can't offer an opinion of the Meade bins, but I'm sure someone will be able to advise.

Enjoy the journey.

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