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What is the best resource for month by month observing targets for the U.K?

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A Planisphere

The best free online resource is Stellarium

Another would be; sunrisesunsetmap.com

Consider a monthly magazine profiling monthly targets and with sky chart, such as Astronomy Now

Stargazers Lounge; Observers sections






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+1 for Stellarium.

If , like me, you have 'blind' areas behind houses, trees and fences, Stellarium will help you identify the bits of sky that are available, from dusk and onwards during the night. Once you have selected a few visible constellations, do a web search for DSOs in that constellation, or just zoom-in on the Stellarium view. In the winter months, what you can see at 7pm is very different from 11pm. A planisphere is fine, but Stellarium adds planets, comets and the Moon.


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The Skymaps download is very useful.

If you have a mobile phone then Apps like Skysafari have a tonight's best search option which is useful.

I have an app called Mobile Observatory which has something similar, but is also a great resource for much astro information.

Screenshot_20190808-122839_Mobile Observatory.jpg

Screenshot_20190808-122846_Mobile Observatory.jpg

Screenshot_20190808-122833_Mobile Observatory.jpg

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