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I shot this over 6 nights. We had an amazing go of clear nights in a row. Now it's all rain until next week. But while it was clear, I managed two nights per filter on my newest scope. A total of ~ 760 3 min images. I think the total imaging time was 37.8 hours. Shot it through my newest scope the RedCat 51mm. It did well, but could have used a belt focuser. I managed to get one together from Moonlite, but only just after imaging this. The scope was able to hold focus a good bit of the night, but the quality curve looked like a swan dive towards the end as the scope lost focus at the end of the night each night. I got out my old trusty AVX to manage the aiming parts of the setup. Guided by an old Orion SSAG I had lying around and a recently acquired ZWO Mini guide scope since it matches the RedCat so well. But I think I'm going to need to swap out the guide cam for something with smaller pixels. Overall though, it worked.  Main camera was ZWO ASI 1600 MMC. I used 5nm Astrodon filters.



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Congrats on the image.. and thats a very nice and tidy kit.... 

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    • By lux eterna
      Hello all,
      I recently collected some OIII data for my previous attempt of the Elephants Trunk. I used a 2" Astronomik 12nm filter inside my TS Imaging Star 71, riding in my dual imaging rig. I knew it would be very difficult to point the TS71 correctly and frame the Trunk with the OIII filter blocking so much light, so I was lucky to have this method which put it spot on target.
      I added the OIII data as a "lighten" layer to the original blue channel, then used some "selective colour" etc (alignment was done with Registar). The new image is a bit dark, I know, but that is intentional and I think it works well if watched in low ambient light. C&C most welcome.
      Used Nikon D7000 & NexGuide on HEQ5 Pro.

    • By Adreneline
      Sometimes the weather gods look on you kindly. A nice new Samyang 135mm turned up from that well known jungle supplier, I managed to assemble it to my Atik 428ex mono along with an Ha filter and got the spacing correct, and low and behold the skies stayed clear - all on the same day!
      I am sure there is room for improvement with the processing but this is IC1396 processed in PI; STF applied with HT, and a little HDRM + LHE to try to tease out some detail.
      Any help on improving the processing would be gratefully received - I really don't feel I get the best out of processing mono images.

      By the way this is 12x300s + 10x600s combined with HDR process in PI; flats, no darks and a master bias.
      Thank you for looking.
    • By Adreneline
      Clouds, clouds and rubbish seeing have been the order of the day here.
      Finally managed to get something over the past three nights. Seeing was not great and the target hid behind the trees until 00.30 so not too much time to get anything before the dawn started to appear.
      Taken with WO-ZS71 and 428ex this is 8 x 600s of Ha, OIII and SII - processed in PI and PS with some creative use of colour.

      I'm pretty sure there is more wrong with this image than there is right about it. As ever advice and comments always welcome.
      Not expecting to get anything else now until August.
      Thanks for looking.
    • By gorann
      Here is a image based on more Ha data from the last nights but here mainly collected by my Canon 300mm f/4 lens (38 x 10-12 min with an unmodded Canon 60D ISO1600) with Ha data from my 5" refractor (sitting side by side, 18 x 25 min with a Canon 60Da ISO1600) added centrally. The RGB also comes from the Canon lens and a 60Da but collected in October (96 x 3 min ISO1600).
      C & S most welcome
      EDIT: I added the Ha data as a B/W image

    • By gorann
      Can hardly believe it but we have had several clear nights up here recently. Here is Ha data captured with my ES 5" apo refractor and a Canon 60Da (18 x 25 min over the last two nights). So it is captured with a Ha sensitive DSLR. To the Ha data I have then added RGB data from October 2017 taken with a Canon 300mm f/4 lens (96 x 3 min) and the ES refractor (35 x 10 min), so totally 18 hours of bits and pieces of data. All with Canon 60D or 60Da cameras at ISO 1600. Ha was primarily used as Lum.
      Comments & Suggestions most welcome!


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