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Messier 27 - The Dumbbell Nebula - 50h of NB + Colour

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I've been recording data for a long while on this one.

I restarted this year with the 200p, but in the final image I also included data shot last year with the 130PDS.

I have now in total 7h of Ha and 8h of OIII from last year + 12.5h of Ha and 13.5h of OIII from this year + 2h of each LRGB from the past week.

The 130PDS was carried on top of the AZ-EQ5 last year and this year the EQ6-R carried the 200p. Poor tracking last year, but a bit of deconvolution helped and the poorer data went in in a very small ratio. The EQ6-R guided at 0.6"-0.8" RMS all the time. Perhaps not really enough for a desired 1"/px scale, but deconvolution helped here too.

Until now, it seems that the Astronomik OIII filter reflects much less than the old Optolong OIII filter.

The camera used was the ASI1600MMC and guiding was done through OAG.

Before calling the image final, what are your thoughts on improvement?



Thank you and clear skies!


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18 minutes ago, Xplode said:

One of the top 5 images i've seen of this.
If you're gonna try to improve it maybe add a little more redness?

Thank you, Alexander!

I'll see what I can do. The Ha channel is already boosted compared to OIII. The OIII is strong in this one :D

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