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Walking on the Moon

new boy


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hi my names paul and im new to astronomy and would apprieciate any and all help

I have an ext125pe which i have yet to use properly,yeah big thanks to the overcast skies!

Im looking for a club or just other people in my area which is Farnborough hants,finding a club is proving to be quite a problem for me!!

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Hi Paul,

Welcome to SGL!

It's good to have you on board. If your in Hampshire - there are a number of members from your neck of the woods. I'm sure that they can point you in the right direction of a good club in your area.



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Longer than I care to remember to be honest.

Always interested, like most kids wanted to be an spaceman :). My first serious interest was about age 11, at 13 got my first scope - with a minor break in my early 20's been into it ever since.

Currently I have a HEQ5Pro mount, 80mm Refractor, 6" Reflector and a 5" Mak Cas (for the moon and planets).

That's the great thing about SGL, we are real easy going and we all started in the same place as you. Ask any and all questions - someone will know the answer!


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Hi Paul,

Welcome to SGL.

As already suggested, Basingstoke is probably your closest club to Farnborough. I met some of the Basingstoke members by pure accident and they seemed a great bunch. I would say well worth you trotting along to have a look.



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